Kristi Ray and her son Dylan decided to take on the Indy Slingshot & Vomatron in Panama City Beach at for Fall Break and the video is absolutely priceless.

Angel here and let me just tell you there is no amount of money or begging or bribing that would get me on a Slingshot ride of any sort.  Thankfully none of my children have ever entertained the thought of riding it.  I nearly peed my pants and passed out just watching this.

My friend Kristi is officially a rock-star momma and hopped on the ride with her son Dylan, who is a 6th grader at Daviess County Middle School.  Her cool points seriously went through the roof in my book.  I almost threw up watching the video.

I think my favorite parts are Dylan pretending to throw up and Kristi yelling Corona 2020. The Sling Shot seems like it would be the ride of 2020 for me for real!

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