When you've been out spending tons of money on Christmas why not save some and get the kid's winter clothing at a deal while supporting a local non-profit.

Angel here and at the end of August we broke the news that I along with my board of directors will be opening a new Women & Children's Homeless Shelter in the west end of Owensboro.

One of the biggest struggles for non-profits is raising money.  We as a group have been hosting rummage sales to help offset the cost of paying bills and for future construction on our building.

This weekend we are hosting the last rummage sale of 2021.  We have thousands of children's items including clothing, shoes, toys, household items, purses, jewelry, and a ton more.

Nothing will be over $5 and there will be some larger items in the mix of stuff.

Families can literally find clothing with the store tags on the items and they will still get them for just $1.  If you're looking for a winter coat or snow boots this is the place to look.  You never know what you'll find.

We actually had a donation drop-off this week and many families from the community donated items.  We got a kid's bowling alley, lots of really nice toys, women's winter clothing, rugs, dishes, art supplies, so much I'm not even sure I know what's there.

We will also do a surprise sale at some point during the day and give shoppers even more savings.

The sale is taking place at 731 Jackson Street and will be held Saturday, December 11, from 8 a.m.-Noon.


Parents can rack up on their kid's winter clothing at this Children's Rummage Sale that will benefit a local homeless shelter.


Owensboro's Feed A Friend Community Meal and Thrift Store is located in downtown Owensboro and always looking for volunteers and folks wanting to give back to the community.

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