The bombs will be bursting in air all over Owensboro again this summer. City officials just announced their plans for the 2023 All-American Fourth of July celebration.  The event will again feature fireworks being launched from multiple locations around town, a relatively new tradition that started during 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Conley - 270 Drones Aerial Imagery
Chris Conley - 270 Drones Aerial Imagery

According to Tim Ross, Owensboro's Director of Public Events, "the celebration will get started in Smothers Park along the downtown riverfront at 5pm on Tuesday, July 4th."  There will be live music from Whisky Row, who will take the stage at 5pm. They'll be followed by the Downtown Band, who will perform at 7pm.  Then, at 9:15pm, the celebration will come to its rousing, patriotic conclusion with a 15-minute fireworks show launched from several barges on the Ohio River.

Those fireworks will simultaneously launch from three additional locations around the city. Those locations are: Jerry Ray Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Frederica Street (a brand new location this year), the Owensboro Sportscenter/Moreland Park, and the Owensboro Warehouse Leasing/former GE Plant.

Chris Conley - 270 Drones Aerial Imagery
Chris Conley - 270 Drones Aerial Imagery

And, like we have the last few years, here at WBKR we'll be airing the official soundtrack for the show.

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So, regardless of where you are watching the fireworks show, you can enjoy the music the fireworks will be choreographed to by listening through the WBKR app and on the dial at 92.5 WBKR.

Of course, as in years past, the additional fireworks launch sites will NOT be open for public viewing. If you'd like to watch the show along the river, you WILL be able to watch there. However, the Jerry Ray Davis lot, the Sportscenter/Moreland Park area and Owensboro Warehouse Leasing will be closed to viewing on-site.

A big shout out to Meijer and Jerry Ray Davis for sponsoring this year's celebration.


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