It's out with the old and in with the new or should we say less in 2022?  This year has brought about a Decluttering Challenge and so many folks are jumping on board.


I think we can all agree most of us have TOO MUCH STUFF!  Unless you have been diagnosed as a true hoarder, I'm pretty sure none of us actually mean to overbuy it just happens.  From magazines, saving mail, birthday and Christmas cards, notes, clothes we swear we will wear again when we lose that pesky ten pounds.  I think we can literally all relate.  Angel here and I don't have any issue with getting rid of stuff.  I can purge with the best of people.  However, I purge and then purchase more stuff.  It's a bad habit.  I love clothes, but I do a great job of cleaning out my closet and donating and also taking items to my booth at T & T Vendor Mall.  I just have to do a better job in the rest of my house.

WHAT'S 30 FOR 30

A new year brings about resolutions and changed ways of living your life.  Recently, I saw the 30 for 30 Decluttering Challenge.  Basically how it works is you take different areas of your home (one per day) for 30 days and commit to donating, tossing in the trash, or selling at least one bag of items each day.


Day 1: Bathroom Cabinets

Day 2: Hall Closet

Day 3: Kitchen Cabinets

Day 4: Refrigerator & Freezer

Day 5: Junk Drawer (we all have one or five LOL)

Day 6: Home Office (if you have one)

Day 7: Makeup Drawer or cabinet

Feel free to sit down and make your own or find one online and follow it.

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You will absolutely not believe how freeing it is for the mind, body, and spirit to declutter.  It actually causes underlying anxiety for many people and they don't even realize that the STUFF is the cause.  My husband, Joe, and I sat down after we had purged several areas of our home and talked about how much better it felt to be free of the weight of it all.  Now, not just stuff but life's stuff.  Do an inventory personally of places in your life where you are overwhelmed and ask yourself if it fits with the direction you're going and proceed from there.  Talk about losing weight, this is the type of weight we can all do and it can come off quickly if we are smart and strategic.

Make sure you read each location carefully as some only take certain items.

Graced Again-As individuals complete steps involved in transitioning out of local shelters, they often realize they have few of the basic household items needed to start over. Graced Again repurposes used household items to help these families begin their new lives. Mrs. Brenda Howard Walker (270) 316-7219 founded this non-profit and loves helping others. If you have furniture or household items you can always give her a call to donate.
Daviess-McLean County Baptist Mission is a nonprofit community store that takes donations in (clean)clothes, food, and some household items. Ms. Gayle Boling is the center director and would love to take your donation. Contact (270)685-1225
St. Vincent De Paul-The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Western Kentucky offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. The Owensboro St. Vincent De Paul is amazing in working with a lot of non-profit organizations especially the shelters to help the residents get items they need. They do have criteria for drop-off so please contact the store before you take any items to donate.
The Salvation Army- a Christian non-profit organization helping to meet the needs of those here in our community as best they possibly can. They have a thrift store that helps to fund programming and community services offered.
Common Good Community Store provides an affordable place for families to shop for furniture, household items, and clothing.
Daniel Pitino Shelter- is a local homeless shelter for families in the area. They also take in gently used or new clothing items. You can always check their Facebook page for current items needed.
New Life Thrift- is a non-profit thrift store that reinvests the money earned into the community for families. They take clothing, furniture, and household items. See their Facebook page here.

Feed A Friend Community Thrift is a local food pantry and thrift ministry in downtown Owensboro at 625 Allen Street and 111 E. Seventh Street (yes the two are together)  They sit on the corner of these two streets.  They serve at 5:30 on Wednesday and Friday.  Our doors open at 5:15 so people can come in find a seat, freshen up and get a cold glass of water.   The thrift store is only open Saturdays 8-2 until they can get more volunteers.


Owensboro's Feed A Friend Community Meal and Thrift Store is located in downtown Owensboro and always looking for volunteers and folks wanting to give back to the community.

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