When is salad not a healthy option? When it's contaminated with E. coli. Which is what has happened with over 42 tons of pre-made, take-and-eat salad products sold under a variety of labels at stores across the country including Aldi and Walmart, both of which have multiple locations in the Tri-State.

Missa Bay, LLC, the maker of the salad issued the recall through the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service saying they were alerted to the contamination after a random sampling of lettuce by the Maryland Department of Health tested positive for the bacteria.

The potentially contaminated products where shipped to a number of states including Indiana and Illinois, and are labeled under a large variety of names, including Marketside and Signature Farms, both sold at Walmart, as well as the Little Salad Bar brand sold at Aldi.

Check out the complete list of recalled products, and if you have any in your fridge, obviously do not eat it unless you're the gambling type and for whatever reason enjoy trying to cheat the possibility of developing diarrhea and vomiting. Instead, throw it out or return it to where you bought it.

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