Marc Spector (AKA Moon Knight) is roughly Marvel’s equivalent of Batman. Sometimes he’s depicted as having some minor super powers related to the phases of the moon, but in most of his appearances he’s just an extremely well-trained fighter with a lot of high-tech gadgets and weapons. (He’s also a little mentally unbalanced, with multiple personalities, which makes his comics quite interesting.)

Basically, if you’re going to play Moon Knight, you have to be an extremely credible fighter. And since Oscar Isaac has been cast to play the character in his upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series, that means he’s got some training to do. As this video posted by Isaac’s production company, Mad Gene Media, suggests, the former Star Wars actor is hard at work perfecting his technique. Take a look below:

The last we heard, filming on the six-part Moon Knight series was scheduled to begin sometime in March. Jeremy Slater (The Exorcist TV series) is writing the show and Mohamed Diab and Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead are the directors. And it looks Oscar Isaac is ready to do a fair number of his own stunts.

Moon Knight does not have an official release date yet, but whenever it premieres, it will be on Disney+. If you want a rough sense of a timeline, What If...?Ms. Marvel, and Hawkeye are all expected to premiere on the service before it does.

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