A Cleveland Heights woman was injured after attempting to stop a man from stealing her car by jumping on the hood as he drove away.

An ordinary Friday afternoon became chaotic, quickly on Berkley Road in Cleveland Heights recently.  The owner of the now stolen car told police that she started her vehicle in her driveway but then had to run into her home to grab a couple of things.  When she returned, she found a man getting into the driver's seat of her ride.  That's when she quite literally jumped into action according to Cleveland.com,

The woman got on top of the car’s hood in an effort to stop the car theft, but fell off when the suspect accelerated and drove away.

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It's possible that a mix of adrenaline and the fact that the car kept stalling as the car thief attempted to make a getaway gave the woman a false sense of hope that she could prevent losing her car.  It appears that the criminal wasn't expecting a car with a manual transmission when he jumped in.  After a couple of stalls, he figured things out and took off, throwing the owner of the car onto the roadway.

When the police responded to the car theft in progress call, they found a 43-year-old woman with minor injuries, but they did not find the car.  Law enforcement does not have an identification of the thief or information on the whereabouts of the victim's car at this time.

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