It's FINALLY here!!!


This week Warner Bros. announced that they would be releasing a full length Justice League trailer today (March 25th) and in anticipation of this they also released 5 mini 20 second teasers titled "UNITE THE LEAGUE" for Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg (No Superman, sorry folks*) on Thursday and Friday. All leading up to the premiere of the full length trailer.


*I don't know why they wouldn't have a Superman promo. I mean, I know he 'died' at the end of Batman vs. Superman, but we've seen the promo posters for the Justice League....He's IN some of them. We NKOW he's going to show up at some point. It's not a big secret! Also, Lois Lane is in the official trailer. SOMETHING is happening with him.


In the official trailer we finally get a look at Mera, Lucius Fox, Barry's dad, more Cyborg, and the Parademons of Apokolips (the giant robot bug things).


Also, if you pause the video, you can faintly hear me fangirling miles away while I watch this trailer over and over again.


Barry: What are your super powers again?
Bruce: I'm rich.


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