Every vehicle manufactured after 1965 has this amazing Easter Egg that might just blow your mind! One Indiana State Police Officer discovered this amazing feature that most local residents haven't ever used before!

John Perrine, Public Information Officer for the Indiana State Police in Central Indiana, posted a video on his Facebook page as a safety advisory for all of us.

Have you ever been driving and wanted to merge but no one would let you over. Have you tried to turn out of a parking lot, but no one will wave you along? If only there were some sort of device that would activate a light, or indicator, that could show other people your intended direction of travel!

Behold this magic lever located next to your steering wheel, called the "turn signal"! Watch Officer Perrine demonstrate this "special" feature on his very own cruiser! Amazing!

And after you're done watching that amazing development in car technology, check out how our local law enforcement departments are teaming up this month to crack down on dangerous driving!

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