Need a shirt to wear to the airport? Don’t grab any of these punk, rock and metal shirts out of your drawer. We’ve scoured the Internet to find 40 of the most offensive and very NSFW band shirts in history.

First off, we’re not including any shirts with racist messages or symbols, or any shirts with real-life images of death or over-the-top gore. Sorry, Dawn of the Black Hearts. Instead, you’ll find plenty of cartoonish gore, anti-religious imagery, NSFW sexual imagery, inflammatory political statements, and generally ridiculous death metal stuff.

Some of these shirts even got the bands in trouble in real life. Behemoth were summoned to court in Poland for their Republic of the Unfaithful shirt, which displays a reimagined design of the Polish Coat of Arms. Municipal Waste also famously stirred up controversy with their shirt featuring Donald Trump shooting himself in the head, adding to the inflammatory shirt with the slogan “the only walls we build are walls of death” on the back. Don’t worry, though, we’ve included shirts that target left-leaning politics as well.

If you’re at work, please don’t scroll through the 40 Most Offensive Band Shirts gallery below. Wait a minute… we all work from home now, right? Then scroll away.

40 Most Offensive Band Shirts [Very NSFW]

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