I can't handle my cat sober...I don't know if I'm ready for "drunk cat"...


Meowingtons, a site catering to your cats needs, is now selling cat wine. Because if there's one thing your cat needs it's a bottle of Pinot Meow (that is the actual title of the cat wine, I did not make that up) to help them relax after a long day of napping and licking their own assh*le.


Now, if your inner cat lady rejoices at the fact that you won't have to drink alone anymore, WAIT.


Cat wine isn't exactly 'wine'. There's no 'cat alcohol' in it, so you don't have to worry about your cat getting sloshed on Pinot Meow, slurring their meows, and angrily ranting about how their species "used to be worship in Egypt and now the humans make us sh*t in a box, Snowflake! What's up with THAT??"




Cat wine is made up of water, sea salt, organic beets, and organic catnip. That's right. Cat wine is just fancy liquid cat nip. Which doesn't exactly equate to 'human wine'. The only thing I can think would be the equivalent of 'liquid catnip' would be 'liquid cocaine'.


Human wine and catnip are two VERY different things. The worst you can do with wine is wake up one morning with a post-it note on your alarm clock that just says "PLAN B". The worst a cat can do on catnip? Destroy and entire apartment and make 100% damn sure your not getting that security deposit back. Either that or just go straight to Stoner Coma Town. (Some cats just can't hold their 'nip, man.)


Also, cat's have very tiny bodies, so the 'nip in the cat wine hits 'em fast and hard.


So if you're looking to "relax" with your cat and a bottle of wine, I'd say to just keep the bottle of wine to yourself and let Mr. Mistoffelees sleep off his hard day working at the cat nap factory.


Unless you REALLY just wanna watch your cat get drunk, then have at it.


Check out some drunk cat's here: (Go home, Sassy, you're drunk!)

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