We keep saying, Well, it IS 2020. Most of the time, we are referring to something bad that has happened or something strange and peculiar that we seen in our everyday life. And, this year, 9 out of 10 times, it has usually been negative and upsetting. But, sometimes, 2020 can put a big smile on your face.

There are many times that 2020 has made us smile, or even cracked us up. I have actually laughed more, this year at the COVID related memes and GIFs, than I have in years past. It makes sense, we seem to look for humor when big piles of bad stand in our way. Laughing is the perfect way to cope with the seemingly constant negativity. If the humor is in good taste and doesn't hurt anyone, I’m all about it.

Sorry, you awesome Karen’s of the world, I DID laugh at the Karen memes. I couldn’t help it, they were funny and they made me feel better. Remember, we weren't laughing at YOU, we were hopefully laughing with you.

Even with all of the COVID-19 and political hateful and judgmental bad going on this year on social media, there was a lot of good. It's like we needed good and positive so much, we subconsciously found more of it. Things that we were normally be too busy to notice, suddenly were in plain sight.

Like this gentleman from Louisville, KY, walking his tortoise, you can't tell me THIS is the first time he has ever walked the tortoise, but today, we all needed to see it. According to the woman who took the video, they are both Louisville icons. But I, along with the rest of the world, needed to see and feel the joy they give to Louisville residents everyday. I don't know about YOU, but it makes me feel much better, especially the wave.

Meet Mr. Duncan and Spike.




Thank you for taking this sweet video, Shelly.

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