Nothing More have been proving themselves to be a total force in hard rock, thanks to their latest album The Stories We Tell Ourselves which came out just a couple of weeks ago. If you thought the band was slowing down in any way, you're dead wrong, as their perfectly titled song "Don't Stop" will let you know. The band recently released the video for the single, which you can see above.

The song's industrial percussive hits propel the song forward, adding a different and aggro texture to their music. Singer Jonny Hawkins' voice is intense on the track, battling against the thumps of the song with screams, before sinking back to his smooth bluesy singing. The video starts with a man on his headphones being harassed by some Matrix, Agent Smith looking guy in a suit. As the man in headphones keeps walking away to ignore it, several more people join him, before they all take off running away from the men in suits when they realize they're being followed.

Eventually they all arrive at the warehouse where Nothing More is performing, just in time to see Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix drop his verse of the song. Shaddix and Hawkins go back and forth with their parts, with the rest of the band beginning to up the intensity and screams during its bridge. Eventually the men in suits arrive back on the scene, and are erased from existence thanks to the power of dance from our original hero.

Nothing More have announced the next leg of their The Stories We Tell Ourselves tour, where they will be playing a series of dates across the United States. They've still got a lot of tour dates ahead of them for the rest of this year as well, as they continue their trek with My Ticket Home and Hell or Highwater.

You can also look for Nothing More performing at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards on Oct. 24. The band will perform alongside Anthrax, Halestorm, Body Count, Starset, Power Trip, Rob Halford and Dave Mustaine. You can purchase tickets for the show, which will also honor Halford, Tony Iommi and Sammy Hagar with special awards here. Nothing More are also nominated for Hard Rock Song of the Year, and you can vote in that category as well as all the other categories through Oct. 2 at this location. Learn more about the Loudwire Music Awards here.

Watch "Don't Stop" above!

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