It would be an understatement to say that Nothing More have enjoyed a very good 2017. In September the group released their new album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, and it caught on pretty big with the hard rock world, earning them three Grammy nominations in the rock category, and topping our own Best Hard Rock Songs of 2017 list. Recently, they've released a new video for "Do You Really Want It" that details exactly what their live show is like.

The video shows the group on their recent headlining tour in support of the album. Instead of the average live video where it just shows the group playing, this video is imbued with an interesting visual effect called "Tiny Planet" that creates a spherical panorama around whatever it's pointing at. The result is the band and the crowd being in the same spherical frame. The effect feels even more extreme when shot from the crowd, their energy impacting how the video jumps out.

Singer Jonny Hawkins recounted what it was like in an interview with Billboard for the band to receive their Grammy nominations while they were driving from Poland to the Czech Republic on tour. "We were all passed out, and [Mark Vollelunga’s] voice started escalating in volume and in enthusiasm when he was on the phone with our manager,” says Hawkins. “At first, it was annoying, ’cuz I was trying to sleep. Wanted him to shut up. But then I realized we had gotten nominated for three Grammys, and that’s a little more okay. It woke me up for a little while, and then I was so tired that I think I eventually fell back into my coma.”

Check out "Do You Really Want It" above.

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