Women are a more powerful and deadly force than ever in the worlds of rock and metal. To salute our favorite sirens, Gear Factor and host Squiggy present this Not Your Parents’ Top 10 Frontwomen list.

Few musicians, regardless of gender, have been more monumentally successful and influential than Evanescence’s Amy Lee. Since “Bring Me to Life” first hit airwaves, Lee was embraced by gigantic ground swell of fans. Once “My Immortal” and “Call Me When You’re Sober” hit, it was all over. Amy became the idol of every female musician in the 2000s, thanks to her theatrical and stirring voice.

Angela Gossow was a trailblazer for women in extreme metal. She took a notable band with Arch Enemy and strapped a rocket onto its back. With her commanding stage presence and fierce guttural, Gossow couldn’t be denied during her 14 years with Arch Enemy, and though Alissa White-Gluz is a fantastic replacement, there will never be anyone quite like Angela.

We bet your parents have never seen anyone like Onielar. The frontwoman of Darkened Nocturne Slaughtercult is a terrifying presence on any stage, actually bringing fear back into the theatrics of corpse paint and blood. Her shriek brings exceptional character to DNS, elevating them to underground favorites in the black metal realm.

Check out our Not Your Parents’ Top 10 Frontwomen List in the video above.

Not Your Parents' Top 10 Frontmen List

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