“I don’t get it,” said parents everywhere when exposed to the music of these 10 modern frontmen. Pushing the boundaries both vocally and with presentation, these musicians have helped carry rock and metal into the 21st century.

Intensity is the hallmark of Behemoth mainman Nergal. His booming guttural has always sounded like he’s trying to shatter the microphone, but he really perfected his identity during Behemoth’s Satanist run, delivering added theatrics for a live experience too evil for this north of Hell.

Ghost are undoubtedly the breakout metal act of the 2010s, with all three incarnations of Papa Emeritus leaving distinct stamps on the timeline of Sweden’s new favorite band. Whether Tobias Forge took the form of the raw and ancient Papa I, the unapologetically dark Papa II, or the charismatic anti-crooner Papa III, it was always memorable, with fans seemingly loving each new Papa more than the last.

We named Maynard James Keenan the No. 1 metal frontman in the 21st century for good reason. His work with Tool is enough to give him that spot, but Keenan’s time with A Perfect Circle and Puscifer has turned him into an unparalleled vocal force. The classics just keep pouring out of Maynard and his bandmates, with A Perfect Circle’s Eat the Elephant promising to be a standout release in 2018.

Loudwire’s Gear Factor presents this Not Your Parents’ Top 10 Frontmen List!

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