Nonpoint are keeping things interesting during the pandemic, and during a recent chat with KCAL-FM's RadioActive Mike Z, frontman Elias Soriano teased that before the year ends, fans can expect to see some livestreamed full album concerts coming their way.

“We’re actually going to do a couple of live shows online before the end of the year. The first one we’re about to announce. We have a couple of anniversaries coming up with some of our biggest records and we are going to set that up, so if you wanted a bit of Nonpoint, we’ve got it covered,” explained Soriano.

He continued, “Some of the ones that people have been waiting years to see us play that we haven’t played in 15 to 18 years, you’re going to get a chance to see it, and eventually we’ll probably throw it on a live album and put it on vinyl so everybody can enjoy it at home.”

This will follow the band's current other fan-involved activity, which is a bracket tournament they've devised to choose their next cover song. The group has been using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in recent weeks to narrow down the pool of songs, with the group eventually planning to record the fan-chosen winner.

But it's quite possible fans might get more than just the one cover, as Soriano states, “[It's] Just one tune [right now], but I think though with the reactions that we’re getting with a lot of the songs, we have discussed putting out a covers EP. So we might pick out our favorite five to eight and there’s a few on that list that got voted out that I was kind of sad about.”

All of this comes as the band recent repurposed their song "Remember Me" as a tribute to frontline workers during the pandemic.

At present the plan for Nonpoint is to drop the new cover song first, with the livestreamed shows coming after. Keep your ears open for announcements in the coming weeks.

Nonpoint's Elias Soriano Speaks With KCAL-FM's RadioActive Mike Z.

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