If the Owensboro Convention Center had been built when I was a child, I would have bugged my parents to death to go down there as often as possible. The reason? The escalators.

When I was a kid, both my sister and I loved escalators. I still prefer them to elevators, but when I was young, I equated any structure that featured one with big city living. That went hand in hand with me pressing my face against the car window when we'd drive through large metropolitan areas with all those wonderful skyscrapers. That's still something I enjoy--that sort of large-scale architecture.

Mostly, we'd find them in multiple-level department stores where I'd have more fun riding on one than spending time in the toy department, although I did that, too.

But a big BOX STORE with an escalator. I wouldn't have thought that would even be necessary, but I would be wrong. And the folks in Grundy VA would be quick to correct me.

In that tiny town, right across the state line from Pike County KY, there sits a three-story Walmart. It has multiple levels because of flooding issues that are so bad this sort of construction was necessary.

So, in addition to learning of a Walmart that has an elevator--I've never been in one that has one--it also features escalators and a parking garage. And one of those escalators is specifically for carts. I love this:

But two-story (or more) Walmarts are not unheard of; the world's largest in Albany NY also features multiple levels.

And one of the Walmarts in Dallas, which also has three levels, features a Sam's Club on a lower level. (Of course, everything's bigger in Texas.)

So yeah, in the title I said I wish Kentucky Walmart stores featured cool amenities such as these, but those amenities don't occur without extra levels. And those extra levels don't occur unless you have issues like Grundy VA has or your Walmart is the largest on the planet or it's in Texas.

Right now, none of those things is true of Kentucky Walmarts, and two of them never will be.

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