The Big N would have a gold mine if it were to port its classics to the mobile format. Instead, it does the opposite by bringing popular mobile games over to the 3DS.

Kotaku reports that Nintendo is focused on doing the opposite of what the world wants it to do by bringing mobile games over to its systems. Anyone with a smartphone and a love for Mario or Link would jump at the chance to buy official ports of Nintendo classics on their mobile device. Just think of how much potential Nintendo money is lost by the individuals using emulators and pirated ROMs to do just that. Unfortunately, Nintendo thinks that it needs to stay focused on its console sales and remains adamant that the Wii U and 3DS should remain being the exclusive gateways for Mario and the gang.

Despite Nintendo announcing that it would be bringing more content to smartphones, it won't be what we expect, but apps focused on promoting its systems, games and content. Instead of NES or SNES ports coming to mobile formats, Nintendo bringing mobile games to the 3DS. Although these games will only cost a few bucks, players still need to be the owner of a 3DS to play them.

It seems that Nintendo is really set on keeping its first-party franchises on the Wii U and 3DS. However, this doesn't overrule the fact that it would probably be making better money if it would develop some games for smartphones, which is something nearly everyone carries wherever they go.

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