There is no better way to get a jolt of happiness, this time of your or all year long, than to help others and give to someone in need. That is exactly what Janet Richard's family and the entire community have been doing. They have given so much, they should all feel pretty good by now.

Janet put up The Giving Wall along the rock wall, on the sidewalk in front of her house. The wall was a wonderful idea during this very difficult time. Now, more than ever, so many around us are struggling financially. Even the little things we take for granted can be unattainable when you are desperate.

What started out as a small way to help others, turned into a full time job. The wall is  doing just what Janet had hoped and so much more. It's so busy and the need is so great, it's hard for a few people, who alps work full time, to manage. And, because of recent thefts at the wall, it is now closed for the year. Twice, thieves took everything off of the wall and left nothing for those that really need what was at the wall. So, with very heavy heart, the decision was made to close and plan for next year.

Janet posted about the plans for the future of The Giving Wall on Facebook.

The Giving Wall will return next year and be bigger, better and able to help more people. To keep up to date on all the info regarding the wall, following it on Facebook.

Take a look at the beginning of The Giving Wall.

Newburgh Woman Makes A 'Giving Wall' For Those in Need

Thank you, Janet for your kind heart and giving spirit.We all looking forward to helping you next year. #BeMoreLikeJanet

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