Friedman Park in Newburgh are looking for information on trucks caught on security cameras driving recklessly in the park. 

Part of the damage Friedman Park Facebook Page
Part of the damage Friedman Park Facebook Page

On Sunday we had snow on the ground still from Saturday nights snow storm, and a few people decided to take advantage of the snow fall by having a little fun in their trucks. However these trucks went off of the parking lot, tore up grassy areas, and one even drove on the walking trails!

Here's what Friedman Park said:

On Sunday afternoon/evening(4:08 PM to 4:19 PM), January 20th, a few people decided to use the Park for their personal 4 wheel-drive playground. They went off the pavement and tore up some of the grassy areas. One actually drove on through the park on the walking trails! It is a shame that they have such disregard for the Park, and the safety of others. This behavior will not be tolerated. We are currently working with the authorities. We want everyone to enjoy the park, but we draw the line when individuals endanger the public and/or do intentional damage to the property. Please report any reckless and dangerous behavior. Help us keep our parks safe!

Friedman Park is working with authorities and ask if you have any information on these vehicles please contact the authorities.

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