The Popeye's location in Newburgh has been open for a few weeks now. That could be the end of my good news story, because it's a delicious addition to Warrick county.

Cheyenne Patterson shared her drive thru experience in the private Facebook group Life In The Burgh...Newburgh Indiana, and with her permission, I'm sharing it with you.

Saturday night around 9:30 P.M. Cheyenne and her son, Drayk, went through the Popeye's drive-thru to get one of those delicious chicken sandwiches. When it was her time to pay, that cashier told her that the police officer in front of them had paid for their meal. This officer didn't know Cheyenne and Drayk, let alone any thing about their situation. 6-year-old Drayk's dad is a Military Police Officer, and is currently deployed. Here's her story from Facebook:

"So, to the officer that paid for my meal tonight in Popeye drive thru.
I wanted to reach out as you do not know me nor my story.

But that was my 6yr old son meal and you made his night. His dad is currently deployed overseas and he loves cops as his dad is an MP.

He did not get to tell you THANK YOU. So I told him I would make a post on facebook. Hoping that you will see it and just know that you made this boy night 😁. We also paid it fwd and paid for the car behind us.

Thank you again for all you do!"

It would be really awesome if Drayk could meet this officer, and thank him or her in person.

Cheyenne Patterson
Cheyenne Patterson
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