As we are finally starting to see what seems to be a light at the end of this long, dark, pandemic tunnel, we are finally starting to see hospital visitor restrictions change and loosen up a little.

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I get it, hospitals are just doing their best to limit the flow of people to keep everyone safe, and I appreciate our hospitals working hard to ensure everyone's safety.  Deaconess Women's Hospital recently updated its guidelines, and finally, siblings are welcome to come to the hospital to meet their newborn baby brother or sister! Here is the other updated visitor policy for the Women's Hospital:

The Women's Hospital - Visitation Updates Effective Monday, March 7, 2022
Masks are required for all who enter the building and must be worn throughout the visit.
Patients and visitors will be screened upon entry into the facility.
Hospital patients, including obstetrical inpatients, gynecology surgical patients, and OB-GYN emergency department patients, may have two designated visitors/support persons.
These designated visitors/support persons must be 16 years old or older.
Designated visitors will remain the same throughout the patient’s stay and wrist bands will be utilized to identify designated visitors.
Siblings of newborns may visit daily during the hours of 4 PM - 6 PM.
Outpatient/Office Appointments: TWO support persons.
NICU: both parents may visit together. No other NICU visitors at this time.
Clergy may visit patients as appropriate
Deaconess Women's Hospital changing its policy is a little close to my heart since I had my son there back in September.  Going through labor was tough,  but it was tougher because my mom couldn't be there.  My husband is an incredible support, and absolutely my rock, but you know when you don't feel good and you want your mom?  It was kind of like that for me, being in labor without her there. I was so glad to see that two visitors are allowed in now. However, the staff at the Women's Hospital took such good care of me, let me tell you the Labor and Delivery staff there are saints! They made me feel extremely comfortable, and the nurses felt like friends by the end of my hospital stay. I will forever be extremely grateful to the great staff there!

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