Rock 'n' roll is not just a man's world: three fierce frontwomen graced the stage at Webster Hall recently and belted out some killer tunes. Halestorm, Lita Ford and Dorothy brought one of the most memorable shows of the year to New York City.

The night began with an energetic performance from Los Angeles rock act Dorothy, with frontwoman Dorothy Martin exuding talent and sensuality. Their forthcoming album, Rock Is Dead, is due out June 24 but it’s evident when you see the full band Dorothy live, rock is definitely not dead.

The legendary Lita Ford took hold of the stage next and Webster Hall was filled with serious riffs as well as her badass cover of Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back.” Dorothy Martin and Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale joined Lita for an epic performance of the Runaways anthem “Cherry Bomb.” And then Ford and Hale whipped out their double guitars for a blistering performance of “Close My Eyes Forever.” Lita and her gang ended the set with the notable tune “Kiss Me Deadly."

Halestorm are touring in support of their latest album, Into the Wildlife, and headlined the sold out show.  Singer Lzzy Hale took the stage solo in the beginning of the set for a tender performance of “God Bless the Beast.” The tender moment didn’t last long as Hale and her crew cranked out “Mz. Hyde,” “Love Bites (So Do I)” and a new tune “Apocalyptic.” Other contagious new tracks that were performed include “Scream,” “Sick Individual” and “I Am the Fire.” Lzzy Hale’s vocal range is unlike any other in rock today and combined with her guitar playing skills, she is a true rock star. With the cool, calm collected demeanor of bassist Josh Smith, the jovial guitarist Joe Hottinger and the human version of Animal from the Muppets on drums, Arejay Hale, Halestorm are simply unstoppable. Not to mention the drum solo was an all-inclusive one which featured not only Arejay but Lita Ford's stickman Bobby Rock and Dorothy drummer Zac Morris.

Dorothy Martin also came back out onstage during Halestorm’s set to perform the Willie Dixon song (also made famous by Heart) of “I Just Want to Make Love to You.” Near the close of the set, everyone raised their drinks to “Here’s To Us,” and the night ended with “I Miss the Misery.” Make no mistake there wasn’t a miserable soul in the room at Webster Hall. It was a night of generational rock and roll that have made an impact and will continue to do so in years to come.

Check out our gallery of Halestorm, Lita Ford and Dorothy performing in New York City above, and see videos of the onstage collaborations below.

Lita, Lzzy and Dorothy Perform 'Cherry Bomb'

Lita and Lzzy Perform 'Close My Eyes Forever'

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