Pantera are just one of those sacred metal giants that people hold near and dear to their heart - so much that they aren't fond of covers. New Years Day has been covering their "Fucking Hostile" for years now, and have received some backlash over it. Guitarist Nikki Misery assures that Vinnie Paul, himself, loved their cover.

"Oddly enough, it was funny, 'cause we actually did an acoustic version of 'Hostile', and a lot of people were just losing their shit over it," Misery told BREWtally Speaking Podcast of the song, which was included on their 2018 Diary of a Creep EP.

"I understand it too, 'cause some of these bands and these songs, they hold a personal spot in your heart," the guitarist continues. "So to see other people touch it, I understand them, but I can't help it. I'll always be a rebel. I'm always gonna have to break some rules. And even more so, if you're not supposed to do it, now I really wanna do it."

According to Misery, when the late Pantera drummer heard their rendition of the song, he approved of and enjoyed it. "That was the only approval I needed," Misery adds. Listen to the full interview and see New Years Day's performance of "Fucking Hostile" below.

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