New Years Day frontwoman Ash Costello and Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D’s band the Haxans have announced a concert residency at California’s Knott’s Berry Farm. The residency will run through the fall until finishing up on Halloween.

The Haxans will add to the ambiance of Knott’s Scary Farm — the California amusement park’s annual Halloween festivities. Each night of the residency, the Haxans will perform a 30-minute set at 8PM, 9PM, 10PM and 11PM. The shows will kick off Sept. 23 on the Calico Mine stage and run intermittently until Oct. 31.

"The Haxans was created with the idea that we wanted to become a staple on every Halloween party playlist and what better way to help make that dream become a reality than to play the biggest Halloween party of them all, Knott's Scary Farm! We are so excited to be among our people after two years of isolation, we are VERY ready to get our monster mash on!" Costello raves.

Matt ‘Piggy D’ Montgomery adds, “One of the goals of this band was for us to be guest stars on a Scooby Doo episode. I feel like us playing legendary amusement park during the Halloween season is one step closer to that dream becoming a reality. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to do this. If this band had a smell it would be pumpkin spice, and the patrons of Knott's this time of year are our people! We can’t wait!”

Check out the full list of dates the goth pop duo will be performing at Knott’s Scary Farm below.


Thursday, 23rd | Friday, 24th | Saturday, 25th | Sunday, 26th |


Friday, 1st | Saturday, 2nd | Friday, 8th | Saturday, 9th | Friday, 15th | Saturday, 16th | Friday, 22nd | Saturday, 23rd | Friday, 29th | Saturday, 30th | Sunday, 31st |

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