Meet X-23. She's cute. She's tiny. And if you try telling her what to do she'll kick your ass.

My kind of girl.


Laura Kinney/X-23 is so adorable that I can't see her as a bad guy. Good thing she isn't. She's just a tiny ball of pent-up rage with razor hands. Like a tiny Logan. I mean look at her! Eating chips, trying on sunglasses, reading comic books...stabbing guys with machine guns, flipping over their heads, and stabbing another guy in the throat...TOO CUTE!


Now, this is a RED BAND trailer, which means NSFW. There's blood and swears. (TWO whole f-bombs! And only ONE is spoken by Logan...the other one made me giggle.)




The official release date for the movie is March 3rd, BUT with all the hype continually growing, it looks like it might get an early release of March 1st.

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