The New Mutants promises to be a much different, much scarier kind of superhero movie, one that embraces the horrific aspects of having superpowers in a world that doesn’t understand them. As such, its advertising material has been much more horror movie-like, embracing the creepy atmosphere of the facility that houses these kids and putting out scary promotional art like a poster featuring screaming faces. A new online tease highlights Mirage, a.k.a. Danielle Moonstar, whose powers attract a deadly creature from her past.

“The youth are sick and there is no cure,” read the worlds scrawled on the walls behind her. In The New Mutants, at least at first, the kids are treated like mental patients, with their doctors trying to find ways to “cure” their powers. Obviously that’s not going to happen, and their “illnesses” only get worse.

The New Mutants will probably draw from the “Demon Bear” storyline from the comics, which involves a giant bear creature created by mutating the parents of Mirage, who becomes haunted by the bear as it stalks her through her dreams. The whole saga leads up to a showdown between Demon Bear and Mirage that leaves her seriously injured. While Demon Bear hasn’t featured in any of the promotional material thus far, it’s been subtly teased on the movie’s Instagram.

Folks involved with The New Mutants have called it both a “full-fledged horror movie” and “a haunted house movie with a bunch of hormonal teenagers.” It’s clear that this won’t be like the superhero movies we’re used to seeing, and it definitely looks suitably creepy.

The New Mutants hits theaters April 13, 2018

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