Soft drink fans who like a little mystery have reason to be excited. Mountain Dew has released this year's mystery VooDew flavor, and it's been spotted at Walmart.

This is the second consecutive year the popular soft drink maker has released a mystery flavor ahead of Halloween. reported they'd be doing it again this year back in early August, but didn't know at the time when it would show up on store shelves. That time appears to be now.

The website,, which tracks deals from a variety of different retailers, shared photos of half cases and 20-ounce bottles on the shelves of a Walmart, although they don't specify exactly where in the country the store is located. With that said, if one location has a particular product, typically all locations have it, so be sure to take a stroll down the soft drink aisle next time you shopping at a Walmart location here in the Tri-State. Although, there's a good chance that since this is a special, limited-time product, it will have its own display somewhere out in the open where you can easily see it. If you don't find it, you can order it through Walmart's website.

Apparently, last year's flavor was candy corn, which sounds does not sound appealing to me at all. I think the candy tastes like hot garbage, so I can only imagine what a liquid version tastes like. According to Delish, this year's flavor is something different, and those who have tried the white-cloudy colored drink have said it has an orange-cream flavor to it. The only way to find out is to pick some up and try it yourself — if you dare.

[Source: / Delish]

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