Apparently, being a virgin is the “in” thing these days, especially in Japan, where recent studies have found that nearly 70% of 18-19-year-olds, about 40% of 24-year-olds, and just over a quarter of 25-29-year-olds, have not yet had the pleasure of having sex. What is more shocking, however, is that the majority of these people actually celebrate their celibacy – they want to be virgins.

Therefore, as with any fad in pop culture, even one as seemingly ridiculous as avoiding sexual contact, there is always someone waiting on the sidelines, with a bright idea, ready to capitalize on it. That is exactly what a new magazine called ‘Young Comic Cherry’ intends to do...sort of.

According to YCC’s editor-in-chief, the magazine targets the older demographic of sexless Japan. “Most young people aren’t buying magazines these days. If anything, they’ll just stand and read them at a convenience store. The primary target for manga sales is the 30-40 year-old demographic, so I wanted to make a magazine people in their teens and 20s would actually want to buy.”

Young Comic Cherry is essentially soft-core porn, with all of the sex taking place outside the pages of the magazine. Apparently, the idea is that by keeping visuals of two people bumping uglies off the pages, readers will not develop the desire to engage in sex after they put the magazine down.

YCC’s editor says that the magazine is a “racy and cute” outlet for sexually inexperienced adults to get a peek at the real world of sex without giving them any hope of ever being sexual. As you can see by cover, this magazine is lame!

We think we’ll just stick to the classics: Playboy and Hustler!

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