Limp Bizkit, in my book, takes the award for "The Most Polarizing Band Ever." You either like them or you downright hate them with a deep, dark, burning passion.  Rap-Rock, Rap-Metal, whatever, it doesn't matter, it's Limp Bizkit. I remember catching their video for "Counterfeit" on MTV and MTV2! Counterfeit was an awesome song since, to my young ears at the time, was the first time heavy music could make your head bounce (I already knew about headbanging, I just didn't have enough hair for the proper effect). Well, if you're one of the Bizkit holdouts chomping at the bit to hear some new music, I hope you're not afraid of snakes; on June 28th, Durst and company will release their latest album, "Gold Cobra."

Included on the disc will be this track, "Gold Cobra." Just a warning, NSFW lyrics inside so be wary of your surroundings.

So, there you have it, a new Limp Bizkit song and you know the lyrics to it as well!

Here's a little bit of nostalgia for you as well!