If you're a fan of the creepier/spooky side of things, you'll definitely enjoy ghost walks in haunted little New Harmony.  As you know, there's a ton of history in New Harmony, Indiana, and now you can learn more about the creepier New Harmony history with Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks.

In spring, it's so refreshing when the weather warms up, the colors of the trees turn bold and bright, and plants emerge from the ground.  But my favorite season is fall. There's just something about Halloween and the leaves changing that puts me in my happy place.

So, when I heard that I could get my Halloween fix in spring, I was beyond excited. Haunted New Harmony hosts the ghost walks across the quaint town of New Harmony. The walks are 90-minutes long, so be sure to grab your comfy walking shoes.  Here's what Haunted New Harmony says about the ghost walks:

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"Are you brave enough to walk the haunted streets of this intriguing town? When darkness falls, this quaint little town becomes decisively eerie. New Harmony, Indiana, is the site of two Utopian societies and many of its former occupants never left. Join us as we walk the moonlit streets and talk about the history and hauntings that set this town apart. Sometimes, the ghosts even come out to play."

Longtime friend of our editor, Jenny Johnston, and her husband Bill just went on the ghost walk for a date night and grabbed the above photo. They had a blast touring the buildings and listening to the stories.

"Joni Mayhan was a wealth of information on the history of New Harmony. She was also full of first-hand accounts of ghost stories from many of the haunted sites in the area. -Jenny Johnston

They have spring dates available on their website:

  • Saturday, April 24th
  • Saturday, May 1st
  • Saturday, May 22nd
  • Saturday, May 29th

If you're interested in signing up for a ghost walk, you can get tickets here.

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