Even though they do, Girl Scouts do NOT have to turn on the charm to sell me a box of cookies when they set up shop at any of a variety of supermarkets or box stores during the cookie-selling season.


They can always count on me to scoop up at least one box of the iconic treats. And I usually stick to the script I've used for many years now. And that would be purchasing a box of Thin Mints and a box of Trefoils. Since they never stay around very long at all, it's a little dangerous to get another box. (Oh, by the way, stick around and I'll tell you my FAVORITE way to enjoy Trefoils.)


Yes, that's right, if I have milk and Thin Mints, my self-control might just go out the window. Unless I stop myself (and I usually do), I can upend a sleeve of those amazing creations right down my throat.

And with Trefoils, I like to spread a little peanut butter on one, add a slice of banana, and then put another Trefoil on top for an unbeatable cookie sandwich. You're welcome.


Now, although I said I stick to just a couple of the varieties, I HAVE been known to branch out when certain new flavors have been introduced. And since they sometimes don't stick around for a subsequent season, I pick one up if it sounds good. And, boy oh boy, does the new 2022 cookie the Girl Scouts of Kentucky are about to start selling sound AMAZING.

It is a brownie-style cookie with caramel-flavored cream on top and a hint of sea salt. There are also fudge stripes. They are called Adventurefuls and they sound EXACTLY like the kind of adventure I've been looking for. I mean, come on, sea salt and CARAMEL? It's almost like they came to me for a consult.

But yes, as the calendar page turns and a new year dawns, Girl Scout cookie season is upon us and the Girl Scouts of Kentucky are ready to go with unbeatable classics and a delectable new entry into the cookie canon.

Now, where did I put that milk?

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