Wouldn't it be great to throw away your reading glasses? There are groundbreaking new eye drops that promise to correct farsightedness.

As I have gotten older, it is getting harder and harder to see up close. That is why I have reading glasses.

There are new groundbreaking eye drops that would allow you and me to kiss our reading glasses goodbye.

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According to WOOD, the FDA recently approved eye drops called Vuity. The study showed Vuity eye drops cleared your vision within 15 minutes, lasting five to six hours. "It's groundbreaking and this is only the first in a series of drops that we expect to come out in the next couple of years," said Dr. Michael Keil. "Right now, currently today, the only solution for a person who just needs readers is readers, and that's been that way forever." 

If you have great eyes now and are under 40, don't be surprised if things begin to change once you pass the big 40. It happens to everyone.

I have to use my phone all the time because of my job and if I am on location somewhere, I never have my reading glasses with me. I usually keep a pair at work and a pair at home for reading labels or instructions. These new eyedrops would be amazing because I could put them in before I arrive at the event and will have no problem reading my phone or posting on social media.

Think about all the things you like to do that are hard because you can't see up close. Can you imagine the benefits of having eye jobs to use instead of trying to find your reading glasses to read some instructions or a book on your tablet?

Vuity will be available in West Michigan next month. You may want to reach out to your eye doctor and have a conversation about this groundbreaking treatment. Plus, you will need a prescription and that will run you about $100.

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