Having seen 'Evil Dead' (you can read our review here), we expected this new clip to cut away before the real nasty stuff starts. It doesn't. This new 'Evil Dead' clip is probably your best indication of the film so far. The tensions escalate to the point where things get bad and then they get worse and then they get even worse after that until you're literally sitting on the edge of your seat, half-cringing. Don't worry, it's OK to watch through your fingers.

This 'Evil Dead' clip follows the Jessica Lucas character, one of the first in the group to turn into a Deadite (after a torrent of blood is vomited on her face). Beyond that, we won't say any more but this clip definitely does not pull any punches.

There has been some resistance from hardcore 'Evil Dead' fans who aren't interested to see what the remake has in store but we genuinely enjoyed the movie and think it deserves a shot (then again, though we enjoy it, we don't necessarily worship at the altar of Sam Raimi's original).

We'll have much more from 'Evil Dead' over the next week or so as the release date approaches. For now, if you want to get an idea of what you're in for, check out this new 'Evil Dead' clip.

'Evil Dead' hits theaters on April 5.

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