Coming to Eastland Mall is something very unique, but also needed. Opening soon is a piercing studio that will specialize in a safe, sanitary space for kids to get their ears pierced.

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Unicorn Palace is Set to Open Soon

Back in February, it was announced that a new piercing studio would be opening in Eastland Mall.  Unicorn Palace would specialize in a safe place to get kids' earlobes pierced without the use of a piercing gun.   I've been really excited watching all of the Facebook updates from Unicorn Palace, and was excited to see we officially have an opening date!

Saturday, April 30th is when Unicorn Palace officially opens for business. You can see the Facebook video of what owner Linda had to say about the grand opening.

Safe Piercing is Important

Linda also owns Evil Twins Piercing Studio in Evansville, so safe piercing is something very important to her. When I reached out to Linda back in February to talk to her about the inspiration behind her new business, she said she just really wants parents to be aware and asks that parents please do their research before allowing their children to get their earlobes pierced with a piercing gun.


If you aren't sure what a piercing gun is, it's a device used to pierce ears where the earring itself is loaded into the gun, and it is forced quickly through the lobe.  A piercing gun has been a very common method for earlobe piercings for a long time, but it turns out there are many reasons you should avoid having your child's ears pierced with a piercing gun.   The Association of Professional Piercers warns against the use of a piercing gun for many reasons.  The biggest issues are tissue damage can occur, and the piercing gun can't be medically sterilized between uses.  I don't know about you, but when I get a piercing I want to know the equipment used on me has been fully sterilized.

Follow Unicorn Palace for Updates

If you have a kid that wants their earlobes pierced (or you just want to support a great local business), you can follow Unicorn Palace on Facebook for booking info, and to see all of their updates.

Congratulations Unicorn Palace on your opening weekend!


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