The west side of Evansville, Indiana will soon be home to two new escape rooms that you might want to check out.

I love a good escape rooms. Get a few of your friends together for about an hour, just to be locked up in a room with who knows what could happen to find clues that will help you escape. That being said, I don't think that I have ever successfully completed an escape room. Maybe I need smarter friends to help me put together the clues. In any event, we have a few escape rooms here in the Evansville area. Each of them has their own unique rooms and challenges that make them a must-visit attraction. Now, a new escape room plans to open on Evansville's west side that features a room full of creepy things and the other room that will take you "Back to the Future."

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GOAT Escape Rooms plans to open later this summer in the former CEI building on Tekoppel on Evansville's west side. While the word "goat" is in the name, no goats will be featured in the escape rooms. Although, the owners do have four goats of their own (hence the name). Their goats' names are named Kurt Russell, Mia Wallace, Freddy Mercury, and Frank Reynolds. I have never met any of these goats (yet), but Frank is already my favorite because that is the name of a character from one of my favorite shows, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

What I think you will really like about these escape rooms are the themes. GOAT Escape room plans to have two different rooms. The first of which is Mr. Gondolier's Attic. According to their website, this room is described as:

The attic seems empty since the disappearance of Annabell. A week prior, she told her parents about a strange clown named Mr. Gondolier that would visit her during the night. They thought she was just imagining it, but now they are not so sure since she went missing. They can hear Annabell’s faint voice through the walls singing her favorite nursery rhymes. A spiritual medium was called to investigate. She discovered that little Annabell was indeed taken to the other side by this mysterious clown.  Can you rescue her before the spirit world closes all together?

So, expect creepy dolls, clowns, puzzles, and things that pop open in this room. The second room is called Doc Brown's Den, a nod to the "Back to the Future" character. In this room:

Revisit some of the best moments of the 80's! Doc Brown has sent you back in time to get his spare flux capacitor. Retrieve it and escape before the Delorean runs out of plutonium! Like Nintendo, Atari, Pac-Man, Garbage-Pail Kids and Puzzles??? This room is for you!

Not as scary as the other room, yet still pretty cool sounding. GOAT Escape Rooms will be located on 315 S. Tekoppel Rd. in Evansville. You can learn more about this new escape room by following them on Facebook or clicking here to view their website.

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