The new Civil War tv spots show us a bit more to keep us sated until it's May 6th US premiere date.


Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters a little less than a month from now and I am starting to get anxious. I've been anticipating this movie for a long while now and I'm one of those nerds that watches the trailers multiple times and goes through it frame by frame trying to to figure out why this character is doing this or who that is or what is that!? So, with a month to go until the premiere date, I figured Marvel had shown us all it could with the few trailers it had given to us. NOPE. Check out this compilation of TV spots that give us a little more to barely keep us in our seats until May 6th.


More Falcon!

More Black Widow!

More Winter Soldier!

Black Panther fighting Captain America????

Black Widow vs. Hawkeye??????



Who's side are you on? #TeamCap? Or #TeamIronMan?

I'm #TeamCap all the way.

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