In exciting news for travelers and locals alike, Buc-ee's, the popular 24-hour convenience store and fueling center is getting a new location and it's just a short 2-hour drive from Indianapolis.

The new location, making its way to Huber Heights, Ohio, promises to bring Buc-ee's renowned offerings closer to the Midwest. Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore recently announced on Facebook that the state's first-ever Buc-ee's will be situated near the intersection of state Route 235 and Interstate 70, conveniently accessible to those traveling through the area.

"You won't have to drive to Kentucky now to get your beef jerky and brisket sandwiches! Welcome to Huber Heights Buc-ee's," Huber Heights Mayor, Jeff Gore via Facebook.

Representatives from Buc-ee's are eagerly gearing up for their debut in Ohio. A planning commission meeting on August 15 will provide a platform for them to receive feedback and initial comments from the community. According to a memorandum from the city planner, the Buc-ee's team plans to unveil their "initial concept" for a sprawling 75,000-square-foot convenience store and fueling center at the meeting.

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To ensure smooth traffic flow to the new site, Buc-ee's has been collaborating with the Ohio Department of Transportation. Potential improvements to Route 235 are being explored to accommodate the expected increase in visitors to this upcoming hub of convenience.

Buc-ee's is renowned for offering an array of travel essentials and fresh foods, and it proudly boasts having the cleanest restrooms in the country. While typically associated with southern states, this move to Huber Heights marks Buc-ee's expansion into the Midwest, providing an exciting opportunity for those in the region.

While an exact opening date has yet to be announced, anticipation is building for the arrival of Buc-ee's in Huber Heights. With its strategic location just 2 hours from Indianapolis, Indiana, both travelers and locals will soon have the convenience of experiencing the Buc-ee's charm and offerings without venturing too far from home.


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