Have you ever wished you could see something first hand? You know, BE there. Not just see the photos, or watch the video after the fact, but be there. Or, have you ever wished you could know and see EXACTLY what's going on? That what this new app allows you to do.

The new app, mole, allows you hire someone to work for you as a, sort of, spy. You can literally go to the app, whenever you want, to see something, any thing or any situation, you want, LIVE.  How? Someone who's there will make money to livestream it to you. As the app states, see anything without going anywhere.

Ok, so, on the surface that seems pretty cool. Let’s say you want to see the Super Bowl, as if you were at the stadium, LIVE. This mole app can make that happen. Or. perhaps you want to see New York Times Square on New Year’s Eve without Ryan Seacrest, but from the street view itself. Or, what if you wanted to see the Great Wall of China at a certain time of day? This app is a wonderful way to do that. You don’t HAVE to go there to have a first-person experience.


Cool, right? Well, yes, and possibly no.

I see a super creepy and sinister side to what this app can do. Are you following me? Let’s be honest, if you want to follow someone to a place or event, you could do that with this app too.

Trust me, I have been in situations before that this would have come in handy. I would loved to have been able to see what my cheating boyfriends, (yes, PLURAL) to see what they were doing when they were out. This app would have allowed me to have somebody, anonymously, follow him while I watched on a LIVE feed. It seems all good, but it DOES seem a little stalker like. Imagine that you could be stalked by a stranger if they w=knew where you were. Yikes. Hopefully, the app will keep this type of thing from happening.

As in all good things, creepers find their way in and try tot ruin it for everyone else.

[SOURCE: New York Post]

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