Netflix has a new show coming out and rather than staying up all night to watch each episode, it's goal is to actually help you fall asleep.

So many people have a hard time going to sleep at night for several reasons. We all have been there at some point in our life...especially after the year we have had. They could have a lot on their mind and stressed, insomnia, scrolling through Facebook, watching Tik Tok videos continuously, or even binge watching a show on Netflix. Ironically enough, Netflix is coming out with a new show that aims to actually not have you stay up to binge watch it. Instead, this show wants to help you fall asleep at night.

Netflix has partnered up with a meditation app called Headspace for an animated series called "Headspace Guide to Sleep". This seven episode series aims to focus on "the science behind a healthy night's sleep and provide tips on how to get the best sleep you've ever had."

"Headspace Guide to Sleep" will answer questions like: is looking at your phone in bed really that bad? Do we really need eight full hours of sleep a night? And can sleeping pills such as melatonin help? Each episode will wrap up with a guided wind down meditation that will help you get comfortable and fall asleep.

Again, it's pretty ironic that Netflix of all places is putting out a show like this since they pretty much started the concept of binge watching a show from start to finish. It sounds like the goal of this series is to only watch one episode at a time, rather than watching the series until Netflix asks you if you're still watching or not.

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The big question here is this: will this show actually help you fall asleep? It's certainly worth a try if you're one who tends to have trouble falling asleep. The show will drop on Netflix on April 28th if you're wanting to check it out.

(H/T- The Hollywood Reporter)

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