I am a huge sports fan. That is no secret.  However, my unbridled love for sports no longer extends to the NBA. I am kinda 'meh' towards that. Too much coasting during a typically too long regular season (not the case this year...thanks lockout). Honestly, did you even realize they weren't playing professional basketball games in early November? I will watch the postseason because that's when the play really intensifies.

Anywho...the season finally got underway on Christmas day, a fact that I totally forgot about, and featured this opening montage on TNT prior to the Knicks/Celtics game.  A nice homage to the game that I did love in my youth while still building excitement around the stars of today.  As cool as that was, you still aren't going to catch me watching a Timberwolves/Kings regular season game anytime soon.

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