I bet you had the same reaction I did when you first heard this story, but Kari Byron is okay. However not much can be said for that home and minivan.

According to the fuzz, a stunt being performed during a taping of the show, went haywire and sent a cannonball sailing through a suburb. The ball was supposed to crash through several barrels of water and then in to a cinder block wall.

However the cannon malfunctioned and 'jumped' when fired, and the cannonball went over those obstacles and bounced off a safety berm. From there it took a journey through the suburbs.

It bounced off a sidewalk, and went through the front door of a home. From there it went up the stairs and through a bedroom where a man, woman and child were sleeping. It smashed through the exterior wall, and the family awoke to plaster dust.

After it exited the house, it went across a six lane road, before coming to rest in the side of a minivan. Suprisingly, no one was injured (including Kari Byron and her hotness). The owner of the van said he and his children were in the vehicle only minutes before the cannonball made a visit.

Producers have said that they have insurance for instances like this. Personally I wonder what the myth was. All I know is that Jamie Heineman must have flipped his lid.