After playing second to Facebook for the past few years, Myspace is trying to reinvent itself and trying to find a buyer.

After cutting half its staff, it appears the site is now looking for a buyer. Recently Myspace reinvented itself as an entertainment website with focuses on Music, Movies, TV and things of that nature.

Personally, I deleted my Myspace back in April. I had been a member of the site since 2004, but never found myself checking it. Will I find myself signing up for Myspace again? Probably not, considering the website now lets you link it up with Facebook. That's irony you won't find in any Alanis Morrisette song.

Fox News Corp. which now owns Myspace, admits they are losing money on the site. Selling the site is a way for the company to unload the property, without having to shut it down.

So as Myspace fades in to the night, let us remember the horrible looking pages that took 5 or more minutes to load on a brand new PC. Crappy music blasting from your speakers. Horrible looking sparkle graphics. We won't really miss you Myspace, but you'll hold a special place. Its like Playskool's My First Social Networking site. Goodbye old friend.

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