Following their 2019 reemergence, My Chemical Romance had tour dates scheduled far and wide for 2020. Unfortunately, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic put a hold on those plans — as it did with most other bands. But fear not, MCR fans, bassist Mikey Way said the situation is only temporary.

Last month, the musician's brother, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, also addressed the status of the group's stunted comeback. But in a new interview ahead of the bass player's upcoming Electric Century graphic novel, the younger Way sibling added to that discussion.

"I know fans have been waiting a long time, but it'll all still be here when this is all over," Mikey told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat. "It's easy for me to say we had a plan, but everyone had a plan, you know what I mean?"

Further, the My Chemical Romance member displayed a respectful attitude by recognizing how the situation is affecting everyone, not just touring bands. Still, the bassist acknowledged that MCR's live shows — along with those of most of the group's peers — are shelved for the time being.

"I'm trying to take myself out of a selfish place," Way continued. "Everyone I know was about to do something. Whether you're in a band, you're a director, you work a retail job, you're a gardener — you had a plan, and now it's been disrupted. … Live music isn't going anywhere, it's just on pause for everybody."

Meanwhile, as venues across the U.S. figure out how to recover amid the public health crisis, My Chemical Romance are selling face masks online. All of the proceeds will benefit the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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