Think touring the world is glamorous? Think again. Watch musicians like Corey Taylor, Tom Araya and more warn fans about the realities of touring.

“You wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh god, I’ve gotta take a shit at the Dunkin’ Donuts,’” Corey Taylor reminisced about Slipknot’s early days of touring. “We were literally living off of about $20 a week. We each had $20 a week, so we learned to love dollar sandwiches at the 7-11. I have never eaten that many fuckin’ Slim Jims in my life at four in the morning like a piece of shit.”

During an interview with Loudwire, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen was open about his hatred for touring. “The only peace I have is doing my damn shows. The other 23 and a half hours [of the day] or 22 and a half hours suck. This job sucks!” he said. “Don’t ever be a lead singer or grow up wanting to be one because you’re in for a life of misery.”

A currently retired Tom Araya spoke to Loudwire about touring in 2016, sharing both the familial and physical downside of life on the road. “When we started off, everything was great because you’re young an invincible. Then I became a family man … I had neck surgery, I got three vertebrae that are fused, I’ve got lower back issues [from playing].”

Check out these Musicians Warning Fans About Touring in the Loud List below.

Musicians Warning Fans About Touring

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