If you’re a rock star, you practically have red carpet access to the world’s best tattoo artists. Whether it was televised or caught on a camera phone, these musicians documented the process of getting some amazing ink.

Corey Taylor got an incredible tattoo of late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray on an episode of NY Ink. The tattoo was an emotional experience for Taylor, who wept on the table as hours of needle work took its toll. In the end, Corey’s tattoo came out perfect, showcasing Gray’s mask behind a large No. 2.

In one of our own videos, Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth got tattooed by dark surrealist legend Paul Booth. Filth got Pushead work tattooed on his lower back, a notoriously painful place to get work done. “I used to skate, hence why I’ve got this massive scar on my arm. That stopped me from skateboarding,” Filth says. “I was a massive fan of [Pushead’s] art, so when I got tattoos, I thought that’d be a really cool thing to get done. I thought it’d be great because, you know, Paul doesn’t do Hello Kitty or anything like that.”

You’ll also see Nikki Sixx get a portrait of Motley Crue bandmate Mick Mars, Dave Navarro get an image of his late mother, and many more. Check out these Musicians Getting Incredible Tattoos in the video below.

Musicians Getting Incredible Tattoos

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