If you’re gonna call someone out, do it from the stage. In a time of Twitter feuds and comments section drama, we sometimes forget the glory of pro-wrestling style call-outs, which are often caught on tape.

A few bands have had beef with Limp Bizkit over the years, including Slipknot and Black Label Society. Zakk Wylde actually called out Limp Bizkit during a 2002 gig in Detroit, which was recorded for the band’s Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-Boned DVD. “Limp Bizkit sucks cock!” Zakk Wylde randomly screamed out during one of their songs, adding, “Another nail in fuckin’ Fred Durst’s motherfuckin’ coffin.” Thankfully, Wylde and Durst have since buried the hatchet.

Before Guns N’ Roses reunited for one of the biggest tours in history, bad blood festered between Axl Rose and his Appetite for Destruction bandmates for years. During one gig in the 2000s, Axl commented on the feud in between songs. “Slash may sound like the De La Hoya, but he’s the fucking Vargas,” Axl said, referencing a boxing match where Oscar De La Hoya beat Fernando Vargas by TKO. “They’re a bunch of a bad cops and I’m the fuckin’ Serpico and they can suck my dick.”

One of the few times feuding musicians were actually onstage together was during a Punk panel. Sex PistolsJohnny Rotten and RamonesMarky Ramone came to verbal blows in front of an audience, arguing over their own credentials. Marky accused Johnny of not “walking the walk” when it came to punk, while Johnny lambasted Marky as “not even an original Ramone.”

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Musicians Calling Each Other Out Onstage

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