Does your favorite artist like ska? There’s a Twitter handle dedicated to finding out that very question. Do They Like Ska? has already solved the “ska or no ska?” question for Every Time I Die, Converge, GWAR and plenty of other bands, as well as public figures and brands.

Ska Twitter is one of the more entertaining corners of the social media giant, whether you skank or not. And with each wave of ska more polarizing than the last, only one Twitter account has the stones to out both ska lovers and ska naysayers.

Here’s some revelations from rock and metal musicians uncovered by Do They Like Ska? over the past 18 months:

Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley:


Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley:

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Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace:

Elvis Costello:

Eve 6:

Touche Amore:

Ted Leo:

And here's a load of entertainers and brands two chipped in their two cents on ska:

Bernie Sanders:

Matthew Lillard:

Arizona Iced Tea:

WWE’s Dolph Ziggler:

WWE’s Big E:

Clerks’ Brian O’Halloran:

As for us?

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