While concerts may be difficult to pull off right now, some acts had already filmed some shows they were planning to release, and that includes Muse. During a chat with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, frontman Matt Bellamy revealed that the group has a concert film en route this summer, but it's more than just a straight up show performance.

"The cool thing with Muse is this summer we've got this film coming out. We actually filmed it at O2 London shows in London in September last year, and so it's got elements of a live show but it's also got elements of all the kind of visuals of the last album, the sort of 80s aesthetic kind of fantasy stuff. So it's kind of like our version of [Pink Floyd's] The Wall or something," revealed Bellamy.

The singer went on to state, "I have to emphasize, my manager told me we have to emphasize, that the film was partly made before what's going on because obviously we didn't know it, but it has this whole thing about a virus and blah blah blah. Yeah, we didn't know that when we made the film. But it'll be interesting because it's pretty much in a fictional world. It's kind of a bit of fun."

According to Bellamy, the film is tentatively slated for a June or July release and he calls it "the best kind of film we've made," adding, "We were going to put it in theaters but we can't do that now so we're going to probably just get it on Apple or iTunes or whatever."

Meanwhile, Bellamy also reveals he's started writing again for Muse and hopes they'll be able to do a new song this year. In the interim though, Bellamy has dropped a solo single.

The track is called "Tomorrow's World" and can be heard in the player below. "I've never really sort of seriously thought about doing much work outside of Muse because I love Muse so much and we have such a great time together and make music together and all that," said Bellamy, but the self-isolation period allowed him to work solo. "For me, just writing a song on the piano and doing my film mixing, which I love, I love film music, as you know, and just trying to think of a kind of lyrical or a feeling that kind of captures what I'm feeling during this time, which is kind of reconnecting with the simplest things in life and trying to find a kind of optimism and hope for what the future could be."

He continued, "I wanted to try and create a song during this time that captured that and also a song that I can always look back on and go, 'I remember. This song will always remind me of that moment in my life.' Because for me songs always have, especially being a songwriter, they always have such strong connections to put at certain points in my life. So I really wanted to make sure I wrote a song during this time or made a song during this time that kind of will always make me remember this time."

Listen to "Tomorrow's World" in the player below and check out more of Bellamy's Apple Music chat with Zane Lowe as well.

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